Skunk Baits and Skunk Lures

Skunks, scientific name Mephitis mephitis nigra, are generally not very difficult to trap. But when skunks are grubbing, they can be near impossible to catch. Whether you are trying to catch an ordinary skunk or are trying to catch the great skunk trap avoider, professional baits can assist you.

While no bait is ever 100 percent effective, professional baits have a number of advantages over homegrown baits.

Professional baits can

WDC has received several letter asking us if these baits are poisonous. Let me assure everyone that these baits are not laced with poison. They are only meant to attract the animal NOT kill the animal. They are also not meant for human or pet consumption. They are bait not food for the animal you seek to capture.

Corn Dog price $15.00 plus S& H Order Online

skunk trapping baitThis paste bait reminds you of late summer when the sweet corn is bursting with flavor and the aroma around the fields is one of corn silk. This has been spiked with a super sweet curiosity undertone and is highly attractive to both coon & skunk. It contains a generous amount of golden cracked corn and has proven very effective on rodents, i.e., mice, rats, etc. As with all the "Premium Grade" baits it won't dry out and appears almost wet !!


Mello Yellow 8 oz. Price $15.00. Order Online: Click ONLINE mellow yellow skunk bait

This paste bait mimics nature's perfect fruit. Powerful, lingering, and intensely sweet. Excellent skunk bait. A good Spring & Summer bait that animals really work for. As with all "Premium Grade" baits this will not dry out like some of the others and is "cat" resistant.


Rose Bud 8 oz. Price $15.00 Order Online: Click ONLINE

Rose Bud is a paste bait that draws fruit loving wildlife
such as raccoons, skunks and oppossums.





Tree-Berry 8 OZ. $15.00 raccoon and skunk baitOrder On-Line Click ONLINE

Huot's personal favorite for coon & skunk. This sweet smelling paste bait fills the air with its' aromatic scent and is a combination of tree ripened fruit essences & puree, along with an undertone of bush berries. Place on your favorite bait holder and position so animal must pass over the pan toget to it and watch the results.




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